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Friday, January 2, 2009

Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer Hudson

(((Rating: 3)))

Bangers: Spotlight, If This Isn't Love, We Gon' Fight

Jennifer Hudson made waves in the world of entertainment first being booted from American Idol then landing a role in Dream Girls and winning her first Oscar. She also released an album that I felt would be underwhelming but surprisingly had some good songs. Let me review it! ...

Spotlight - "Whoo, whoo..." If you haven't heard this in a club or on the radio, you are living under a rock. This isn't a fav of mine but enjoyable nonetheless with its piano melody and thumping beat. Good single choice! :)

If This Isn't Love - A slowed thumping beat and piano melody but Jennifer sings this one well too. Easily one of my favs as she sings, "If this isn't love, then tell me what it is..."! I hear this will be the 2nd single and also a great choice! :)

Pocketbook - Instantly recognizable as Timbaland beatboxes and breathes heavily making most of the beat. Jen sings effortlessly over the catchy beat, "dont make me hit you with my pocketbook...". A head-bobber! Luda comes in with his trademarked vocal style.

Giving Myself - Power Ballad. While nicely sang, it is also easily skippable.

What's Wrong (Go Away) - Vocoder/auto-tune and T-Pain. Why? While these seem to be ingredients made for a disaster the song isn't that bad. Nice heavy beat and synths but the lyrics are a little off.

My Heart - Nice piano melody plays in back of heavy drums. Jen sings nicely but this track is a not a standout honestly.

You Pulled Me Through - Power ballad.

I'm His Only Woman - A 2008 "Woman 2 Woman". This song is pretty entertaining but a scream-fest between the powerhouse vocals of Jennifer and Fantasia. I love Fantasia's ad-libs and runs on this song.

Can't Stop the Rain - Nice mellow track. Jen sings this one with ease also. Nice kick drums. Skippable lol.

We Gon' Fight - "Hands up..." When I say Jen sings the shit out of this song, she sings the shit out of it! Very dramatic drum roll type beat. She sings, "Like gangstas we gon' strap up for this warrrrr..." Yes! LOL. Definitely a fav of mine! "holla if ya hear me..."

Invisible - Starts slow and if you stick around until the hook, the songs speeds up and is quite enjoyable actually. "I'm invisible for the last time...."

And I'm Telling U - I hate this song actually. Nevertheless, she does it justice.

Overall, very solid album and nice produced.

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