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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Different Me - Keyshia Cole

(((Rating: 3)))

Bangers: Intro & Outro, Please Don't Stop, Erotic, Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yeah, Thought U Should Know

This album has been on repeat for me along with Musiq and Anthony Hamilton. On Keyshia's first album we heard her rugged struggle with a street type of love. Then on "Just Like You" we heard a more polished but yet rugged and real Keyshia. Now we hear, "A Different Me" and she is definitely coming with bangers, dance tracks and a very polished and more mature Keyshia. Keep it up! :)

A Different Me (Intro) - Pure hotness and Keyshia lets us know that this time around we are seeing a different her. She sings, "I would like to introduce a sexier side of me." Hey... lol.

Make Me Over - She borrows from Tina Turner on this one as she sings she wants to be made over on a jazzy, rnb-ish track produced by Polow Da Don and Ron Fair. A very good rendition for 2008/2009. Definitely a track to make you move.

Please Don't Stop - "Please don't stopppp..." An instant favorite for me and any other freestyle dancers out there. Very upbeat and instant mood lifter! Towards the end Keyshia intro's her sexier side by slowing the track down. Good record overall! :)

Erotic - Starts in a very erotic way. The beat is a laid-back dance number that is sure to make you want to hip roll or something close. Keyshia sings very seductively here as we hear dramatic strings and a hypnotizing beat.

You Complete Me - Keyshia speaks on love on this and while the track has its slap-back type beats and synthesizers and EP Piano, it's not a favorite. I often skip this one. :(

No Other - Spanish guitar. Snaps. Nice dance track. Although skippable especially the rap part.

Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yeah - Can I say that this track starts off an instant banger? Well, it does. Keyshia sings, "Did you know that I meant what I said when I told you I love you, loved you...", over looped strings and heavy drums. Nas comes in flawlessly on the track as well. My favorite.

Playa Cardz Right - Snaps. Piano. Mellow beat. Tupac. Although this is a very nice song, it shouldn't have been a first single. Easily a jam as well.

Brand New - The music and words put me in the mind of Janet Jackson as Keyshia asks a man to let her show him something "Brand New". She asks, "Whats on your mind?" Very mellow.

Trust - Dialogue ensues between Monica, who is featured, and Keyshia about a man's trust. Very nice duet although quite simple in lyrics and it is very apparent that Monica owns this song like it's hers! :)

Thought U Should Know - Produced by Tank. So automatically I knew this would be a nice song because he writes very well. Keyshia sings over mellow synths and kick drums. Nice lounge music.

This Is Us - Definitely an acoustic pop ballad. Not a favorite but I can definitely respect the route she goes with this song because it would get airplay on pop stations.

Where This Love Could End Up - Up. up. up. Up....A nice laid-back song. The music is definitely catchy!

Beautiful Music - First thing that came to my is another damn hustle song for Detroit. LOL! Very danceable song. I wouldn't necessarily say skip this one but I wouldn't turn to it either.

Outro - As hot as the intro! She sings, "Thank you for hanging with the sexier side of me..." Nice outro! :)

Overall, this is a very well-produced album, as every track was extremely detailed and Ron Fair surely took his time with most of them. Would I buy it? Yes I have! :)

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