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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Evolution of Robin Thicke - Robin Thicke

(((Rating: 5)))

Bangers: Every song is exceptional in it's own right.

Robin Thicke, simply known as Thicke previously on his debut album A Beautiful World, changed up his style and delivered a classic and gorgeous album. While this review is late, I still wanted to give props to a very talented artist. On this album he delivers stellar vocals, arrangements, and harmonies. He also plays the guitar and piano on alot of the songs as well as wrote most if not all of them. A true artist indeed.

Got 2 Be Down - This song starts with such a Marvin Gaye-esque feel to it and Faith's voice is more than welcomed on this track. Robin sings in a mid range tone and a falsetto as he sings, "I got 2 be down....we gotta get it together"! Definitely a lovely opener.

Complicated - "I wish I could change..." The live bass and piano and cymbal taps compliments Robin voice sweetly as he sings until the beat finally drops in. Very nice jazzy melody as the instruments work well with another.

Would That Make U Love Me - We hear Robin's many tones hear as he begs the question, "Would that make you love me?" The beat is extremely simplistic with the primary instruments being a guitar, nice 1,2 beat and synths throughout the song and also what seems to be an organ.

Lost Without U - This had to be one of Robin's biggest hits and understandably so. The song come in with a hand drum and very relaxed guitar riffs and snaps with a random triangle hit. He sings to his wife, "tell me how you love me more and how you think I'm sexy baby..."! This one is surely for the couple. Wonderful song. :)

Ask Myself - Nice claps. Guitar riff. Heavy bass. "I gotta ask myself what's it gon' be baby..." Very nice dance or driving song.

All Night Long - This song makes me feel, especially with Lil' Wayne's appearance, that it wad intended for the club. While not a bad song, it lacks. Not entirely skippable but surely not a favorite.

Everything I Can't Have - Very big band and spanish-ish. Very different. We hear bass, trumpets, drums, piano, sambas, and other instruments. Very interesting song.

Teach U A Lesson - Very mellow and calm song. Robin sings to his lover, "U've been a bad girl, Someone's gonna have to teach ya..." I would say this is surely a calm seduction. :) One of my favs.

I Need love - While someone strums an electric guitar, we get a glimpse of Robins seductiveness as his voice goes from high to low to lower and high again and he then croons, "Settle down love for a minute..." This is definitely a cutty song as Robin says, "I can do better than make love to you, better than make you say my name...please, please, please..." A truly beautiful song as the it continues into the reprise and we hear more or Robin's gorgeous harmonies and musical melodies with the piano. One of the best songs on the album.

Wanna Love U Girl - When I first heard this song, something was off to me and maybe because I wasn't used to this Robin. Although, slowly but surely this has become a definite banger to me. "oh, oh , oh oh oh..." lol

Can U Believe - Robin plays the piano beautifully here as he is accompanied by a simple drum beat and vocal harmonies. He sings and asks, "When your down at the bottom can you believe in love...when all that you've got is God?" Incredible lyrics and Robin gives us amazing vocals once again as the song hits the bridge and he sings, "If nobody's watching, you will never know..."! Also we hear a very aggressive electric guitar riff. Awesome song.

Shooter - While Lil' Wayne doesn't massacre the song, I prefer Robin original version from his previous album A Beautiful World.

Cocaine - The heavy beat and guitar and Robin's falsetto makes this song really thump as it should as he croons about his environment. This song sounds a little vintage as well.

2 the Sky - This is an eerily touching song as Robin sings with depletion as he asks the questions that we all ask in life. "Will I be rich?" But he reminds us readily, the only truth is in the sky referring to God. The song takes a very dramatic turn as he an electric guitar falls in and Robin yells out, "Take me, take the sky." Then as in an almost reprise style again, Robin hits with a lovely piano solo and croons, "when you ask yourself, why me, why not me, when ur down on ur knees, just look to the sky"! Amen Robin! Preach! OUTSTANDING vocals, harmonies, musical melodies....stellar!

Lonely World - Melodramatic and piano-driven. Reminiscent of Michael Jackson.

Angels - Simply Robin and his piano as he sings in a beautiful falsetto about his angels. :) Wonderful closer to an outstanding album.

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