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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Round 2 - J. Holiday

(((Rating: 3.5)))

I Tried, Fall, Make That Sound, Sing 2 U

When J. Holiday first stepped on the scene he put us all to Bed (you saw that coming huh) but in a good way. Be With Me his first single wasn't a hit on every R&B radio station but it was extremely catchy. Now, that he is back in the game with Round 2, I will explore if he is in it to win it or TKO'd! Let's get ready to rumbbbllllleeee...

Intro - J. sings a medley and reminds us of all his hits on his previous album.

It's Yours - Very reminiscent and produced by the same producers of Lloyd's "Please Have My Baby", this song lacks in originality but isn't all that skippable either.

Fall - I'm sure plenty of people can relate to the lyrics of falling for someone they hadn't originally planned on loving. "She was s'posed to be another game to play...she made me fall, fall, fall..." The melody of the piano laced throughout the background makes this song easily enjoyable.

Don't Go - It begins a bit cheesy with corny synths and a familiar drumbeat, however I was still curious to see what he would sing as J.'s voice chimes in. He pleads with his lover, "don't go..."!

Wrong Lover - This song certainly puts me in the mind of Jaheim with its very laid-back rhythm and feel. This is definitely riding music and Rick Ross's sultry swag is certainly welcome on the track.

Run Into My Arms - The song while very relaxing is skippable. Holiday's voice doesn't come across very convincing here as he pleads to be "her knight in shining armour". Moreso, just another filler track.

Sing 2 U - Jodeci. H-Town. Holiday gives a cutty track worth adding to your next bedroom mixtape. The slinky beat and his vocals mix perfectly here which makes it easily a favorite. Repeat.

Lights Go Out - It seems Holiday excels in the romantic arena of music. "Wait until the lights go out..." His falsetto here is unmistakably seductive.

Make That Sound - "You can call me Holiday..." Once again he continues to inspire the lovemaking here and tells his lover, "you can yell as loud as you want, when you make that sound girl...". Turn up the radio.

Forever Aint Enough - Holiday sings with frailty in his voice as he reaches higher notes lead by a dainty piano. As we continue, the beat grows to be more dramatic with strings and drums and we hear stronger notes. While not a favorite, his effort is definitely commendable. Well-produced.

Fly - Light synths and airy drums in the verses make this a very interesting song as its speeds up a bit near the chorus. "so fly, fly, fly..."

Homeless - While certainly beautiful in concept and theme as he explores homelessness and the selfishness of humanity, the music here shines thru a bit brighter with an electric guitar and catchy rhythm. "Imagine if it was you..."

I Tried - Electric guitar and kick drums has you wondering why he would save this one for last and not as an intro. "Girl I tried...but it wasn't enough for you..." He saved the best for last.

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