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Monday, March 16, 2009

Blow Your Mind - Rico Law - 10 Questions

I remember first hearing Rico Law's song "Blow Your Mind" in the car and being literally blown away by his smooth yet refreshing voice and seductive, mellow lyrics. He is undeniably sexy and very talented. I have probably listened to this song over 30 times already. I'm absolutely honored that he has allowed me to pick his brain, so as he says, "let's get it"!

SincerelyMusic: Ok, first question! Give me 5 words to describe yourself.

Rico Law: Confident, Smooth, Edgy, Blunt, Lover

SM: Ok, now 5 words to describe your music.

RL: Exciting, Stimulating, Sexual, Swag, Uplifting.

SM: I agree. So what's the theme of your album?

RL: I'm currently just working on making good music. I really haven't come up with a final theme for the album yet.

SM: What was the inspiration in creating "Blow Your Mind"?

RL: The inspiration for "Blow Your Mind" came in the studio like, "Damn I can't wait 'til we become wealthy." We were talking about all the things we wanted to do like invest, travel and take our girl's with us and "BLOW THEIR MINDS" lol.

SM: I can see that. lol. What do you envision when you hear the song?

RL: I envision Dubai when I listen to the song.. That's the first exotic vacation I'll be taking.

SM: Wow, that sounds pretty interesting and Dubai is beautiful. So, what time of day are you most creative?

RL: Me, personally, I like to create at night."THE FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT" is what they say right? lol

SM: Haha! We learned something new about Mr. Law! What do you do when you get random spurts of inspiration for songs?

RL: Whenever I get a random idea for a song, I just record it. If I'm not at the studio, I jot it down in my iPhone.

SM: What's your next single and when can we expect to hear it?

RL: I haven't really decided what my next single will be. Me and my staff will make that decision soon after "Blow Your Mind" gets to the level it needs to be.

SM: Good, I'm sure it will definitely go far. I truly love the song. Are you currently working with any other artists?

RL: Yes, right now we (The Council) have a single being pushed on a Jive/Hitz Committee artist named K. Michelle called "Self Made" Ft. Trina. We also have two joints on Fabolous' album coming out this year and One on Sharefa's as well.

SM: Wow, very impressive! Good luck! So finally how can any followers, fans, groupies lol, keep up with you?

RL: Anybody interested into stepping into The World Of Rico Law can check me out at or follow me on twitter at and facebook !

Thank You to Rico Law!!! Keep the jams coming! :)

To Download Rico Law's song "Blow Your Mind" click here:

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