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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love vs. Money - The Dream

(((Rating: 3)))

Bangers: Rockin' That Shit, Walkin On The Moon, My Love, Love vs Money Pt 2, Fancy

The Dream has put us in a consistent trance with not only the multitude of songs he has produced and penned but with his own off-the-cuff music and extremely catchy hooks from his debut album, Love vs. Hate. He is now back with his second installment Love vs. Money. Who will win?

Money Intro - Sounds of a bill pressing machine.

Rockin' That Shit - The horn-like synths and rhythm of this song makes for an instant club banger. "There's nothing left to say cause she rockin' that shit like..." The snap beat towards the bridge is what makes this song even more incredible. Excellent first single material for Dream.

Walkin' On The Moon - "Welcome 2085..." This track certainly catches you by surprise as Dream states, as the trance beats come prancing in and slows during the latter part of his verses. It was a natural choice to feature Kanye's clever and ingenious rap here as well.

My Love - "Radio Killa...I'm her baby, she my shorty, ooo we rockin"! This song, upon first listen put me in the mind of an old Mariah song, so what better decision than to have her sing on it. Mariah glides easily over the music in her usual laid-backness, if that's a word. A fav.

Put It Down - The second installment of Dream's first hit "Falsetto" but more so suited as an excotic dance song. Also, very reminiscent of an R. Kelly track. "He put it down, put it down, put it down..."!

Sweat It Out - "Call LaTisha, your beautician. Cause ur hair is gon' need fixin'..." While Dream's lyrics are sometimes comedic, there is nothing funny about the sexual beating he put on this song. "I told you once we finish, I'm gon' get your shit fixed..." Wow.

Take You Home 2 My Mama - "I'm tryna get a 10 or u betta be the shit..." This song is skippable as he narrarates his trip to the club and gets enthralled with a girl dropping it to the floor hence why he waits to take her home to his mama.

Love vs Money - Gun cocks. Fast synths and drama. "Anything she wanted, I bought it...Instead of loving you, I was making it rain." Dream manipulates his voice and the beat with undeniable skill. Interesting song.

Love vs Money Pt 2 - The beat sounds like he turned the previous song inside out and added an ATL snap beat to it. We feel more of his confliction as he sings, "You can't say that I really didn't love ya, there's a new Louis bag for everytime I touched ya..." and "When love is your problem, nothing can solve it..."!

Fancy - Undeniably the best song on the entire album and possibly in Dreams' repetoire thus far. He sings simply on the women who are enticed by jewels and money and the fancy life. "She wants to live fancy...", he sings as a looped piano track plays behind him. The track finally builds into something as it ends and Dream sings/raps faster. A true spark of genius here.

Right Side of My Brain - Dreams sings with the vulnerability of a torn, broken and confused lover as he spews, "you love me baby, then you unlove me baby...". Interesting concept and music here although not completely original.

Mr. Yeah - "R&B Gorilla....Dream don' put it down, again..." he sings comedicly aroggant. Slightly catchy but not really a fav.

Kellys 12 Play - "I'm lookin' for the white cover, the name's in red letters. Can't wait to pop it in my place and put our bodies together." Leave it to no one but Dream to make a song about a song but cleverly he pulls it off.

Let Me See The Booty (Bonus) - ATL snap beat. Lil Jon. Slightly catchy. Need I say more?

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