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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 - Jill Scott

(((Rating: 4)))

Bangers: Hate On Me, Crown Royal, Epiphany, Insomnia, All I

I know I'm late on this review (a year late) but this album couldn't have come sooner and at a better time when it was released in September 2007. It's the kind of album that you want to forget and then find again to be reminded of what real music and sincere lyrics, feel and sound like. In Vol. 3, Jill gives us what we need once again. On to the review...

Let It Be - I love the eery sounds and xylophone in this song. As Jill speaks on "whatever it is, let it be...". The drums remind you of a solo out of a marching band. I love the crispness of her voice.

The Real Thing - You will love the electric guitar loop in this song. Jill preaches in this one about being the real thing..."in stereo". Like Cleopatra Jones, she can set ya free and she is more than a toy for your satisfaction! Preach! This is a really liberating and empowering song for women.

Hate On Me - Horns. Horns. And more horns...This is truly one that speaks to the soul. Hate on haters cause Jill is definitely back on this one.

Come See Me - The horns glide in on this song perfectly with "passion and desire baby..." Jill seduces her lover as she beckons him to come see about her.
Crown Royal - Seductive and sensual. A joint that makes you want to see what the fuss is about, "crown royal on iceee". Repeatable and cutty list.

Epiphany - If ever sex were spoken word, these would be the words. Jill tells a story like no other to a basic drum beat. "He plows inside as if he's making beats..."

My Love - To every woman who has ever been baffled a mans decision in another woman. Jill speaks on being overlooked and even compares her love to the other woman's. "...didn't you know this or didn't you notice..."

Insomnia - The jazz-fusion sounds and melodies between Jill singing and speaking is perfect. She speaks on her man not wanting her and being turned "from a woman of substance" to pretty much a woman of desperation.

How It Make You Feel - How would a world less black women be? "No more chocolate kisses, no more nappy dug out everrrr...." This song speaks on it. Not a favorite but an interesting concept.

Only You - Mellow beat and almost ghostly sounds. Dark and deep as Jill speaks to a man who can only make her leave the key and never come back. "Only youuuuu...." Puts me in the mind of Sade's mystique and level of mellow. Repeatable.

Celibacy Blues - While the bass guitar in this song isn't very favorable, it gets the point across very well as Jill caresses notes wonderfully.

All I - Goodie-Two-Shoes meets Nasty Girl. Repeatable and cutty list acceptable. "Hope you want me in the same wayyy..."!

Wanna Be Loved - This is the anthem for ladies everywhere who "just wanna be loved like everybody else does". Feel good anthem.

Breathe - Good closer to the album as she speaks poetic melodies and spoken word. Not a fav.

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