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Friday, December 19, 2008

OnMyRadio - Musiq Soulchild

(((Rating: 5 Notes)))

Bangers: Until, Someone, DeserveUMore, DearJohn, LoveOfMyLife, SoBeautiful

I am absolutely a life-long fan of this mans' work! So here goes...

This album is so well thought out and composed that it will make you think Musiq has some type of hidden formula or secret touch every time he makes an album. He consistently hits with a dance number to let us know he is back (b.u.d.d.y., just friends, forthenight, radio), an R&B classic (ifuleave, teachme, halfcrazy), an inspirational love song (dontchange, love, whoknows, someone) and he is thus far very successful and consistent and genius in his approach. This album proves that no matter how much the industry changes he will always be consistently on top of his game. So please sit back and I will give a song by song analysis and introduce my opinions on my first listen:

backagain - We find Musiq sorta intro's himself here but he is really speaking to a woman, over what sounds like an old school Curtis Blow/Run DMC hip-hop type beat while a piano slowly eases into the song. The hooks goes, 'I thought it was over but here you come back again, welcome back, welcome back girl...'. Catchy written all over this one.

until - The old sample of a female voice catches your attention along with the nice looped-beat that repeats and Musiq sings with ease on how he will love his woman until...and the beat continues just the same. "loving you until...2073...2084...2093...until, until, until..."

ifuleave - The piano comes melodically while the strings follow effortlessly and Musiqs' voice just pours into the song. Mary also holds her own and her voice seems to be more contoured and mature. I love the hook and laid-back feel of the song especially when the strings claim more space.

deserveumore - Classic Musiq delivery! The song starts off with snaps and a serious old school prom night slow dance vibe and the 'ooo, ooo, ooo' harmonies definitely make the magic happen here. Musiq's sped up vocal delivery is incredible as he comes in subtlely with the chorus. Awesome song!

special - This one reminds me of his previous work and albums (especially his first) where he combines a woman's harmonies over his talky-singy-raps. Not a favorite. However, I wouldn't skip it either.

dearjohn - The song comes in where Musiq's very soon-to-be ex-woman gets a rather cowardish "dearjohn" text. We are intro'd to a beautiful piano once again and this thumps with a powerful 'dearjohn' message, classic ATL snap beat, and sad lyrics and wonderful melody. This one has definitely been on repeat for me.

loveofmylife - Amazing harmonies open the song and makes me think of a musical production, then Musiq slides in and does harmonies on this track like no other....almost sounds like he played with auto-tune but it's his natural voice along with some rather outstanding female vocals. Towards the end you realize this song is also a wonderful Musiq classic and flows right into the next song with great harmonies! My fav line, "I could lose a car, even body parts, but still I'll live but still can't live without the love of my life..."

moneyright - Cute dance song, almost sounds like someone should be cheering to this one. Nevertheless, the piano at the end is outstanding. Not a fav, but not skippable either.

someone - This song opens with beautiful strings, a piano and cymbals which you know immediately that this is the whoknows, love and dontchange of this album...classic love song! Enough said, beautiful song! Sounds like Raphael Saadiq is doing some of the background vocals...I need to research this. :)

iwannabe - Opens with Damian Marleys voice and becomes an instant feel good song with a vintage beat hiding thru the song! Musiq's voice is effortless on this one and has a Donny Hathaway/Stevie Wonder-ish vibe! Damian Marley u gotta love him!

sobeautiful-Pure soon as the song starts you know this is for the lovers! It comes in with an EP piano and this is where a female listener falls in love with Musiq and a male listener wishes he penned and composed this song. He sings his verses in falsetto and goes into the chorus in a lower key. Throughout the second verse, we start to hear subtle but heavy breathing which further lets us know this song is made for lovemaking. The way he caresses the notes, leading to the bridge sounds like a melodic climax especially when we hear the horns. Then, Musiq's vocal riffs near the bridge and ending will knock your socks and shoes completely off...he goes from a high note to a low note in a single melody...AMAZING! Undeniable one of my favs. :)

radio-A lot of people haven't favored this song but I can appreciate it because this beat is crunk and hits hard and its extremely catchy. You could catch me dancing to this one in a club scene or my room, bouncing my shoulders up and down more than likely! My fav line, "just turn up the radio..."

Overall, Musiq Soulchild will always get my $9.99 (or whatever the cost not to exceed $25.99 per album) lol, as long as he continues to make music like this. He has musically saved 2008 for me! Well done! He has surely stood the test of time! Another classic! :)

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