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Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Doe Rehab - Ghostface Killah

(((Rating: 4 Notes)))

Bangers: Tony Sigel aka The Barrell Brothers, Walk Around, Supa GFK, I'll Die For You, Killah Lipstick & Slow Down.

I fell in love with Ghost's clever lyrics and his ability to pack a story into 3-5 minutes with vivid detail and rhetoric. I originally thought FishScales would be the classic Ghost record for me but Big Doe Rehab just slapped that notion clear across the room. He is by far one of my favorite lyricists. I will give a track by track review starting now....on ur mark, get set, ready, go! :)

At the Cabana (skit) - This is an intro where we here Tony aka Ghost coming to catch someone at his table and confronting some Spanish men for money and ends up taking a mans' wife. Funny skit. Its backed by Spanish horns and guitars with some kinda exciting soundtrack music. :)

Tony Sigel aka The Barrell Brothers - This song is backed by an electric guitar loop and heavy heavy bass. On the track we have a feature by Beanie Sigel where he delivers a clever line and says, "and I'm nothin' like your father, you can't come from these nuts I got, cause C. Baltimore sucked this cock...". Ya gotta love this track and especially when Ghost hollers he voting for Obama, Oprah and Eric B.!

Yolanda's House - We have features here from Method and Raekwon backed by a heavy bass-laidened but laid back track. He tells another story here and only talented rappers can pick up flawlessly where another leaves off. In the background a woman's voice sings faintly, "leave these streets...".

We Celebrate - The song samples, in the beginning and throughout, the old song by Rare Earth "I Just Want 2 Celebrate" (1971). It's truly a celebration song as the rappers speak on their jewels and champagne. Ghost says, "we hype for just being here" all the while, the song keeps the funkiness of the old song.

Walk Around - "I walk around, like a man in a daze, people talking to me and calling my name, though I don't hear a word they say..." a voice sings throughout the song. Voice chimes in telling a story as though only he can. The old piano, guitars and horns play behind the kick drum. The music combined really makes for a very funky song. Classic Ghost record.

Yapp City - Heavy. Eerie. Robbery. Strings. Guns. Everything that you need in a song if you are going to rob someone or commit a crime. I don't rob people but this song is the perfect soundtrack for a life of crime. I love this and how Trife Da God & Sun God helps complete the story of a stick-up.

White Linen Affair (Toney Awards) - Ghost raps simply about performances in a club over a simple drum beat and a loop.

Supa GFK - "Is it a bird, is it a it's Ghost, no it's Ghost...supa man lover"! This is my absolute fav on the album. The music is funky, laid-back and has a seriously old-school feel to it and then we hear Ghost come in as he speaks of surprising those who have underestimated his presence. "Faster than a speeding bullet..." we hear a man singing thru the song, while horns start to come in. Easily a favorite and repeatable. :) A classic!

Rec-Room Therapy - "Get money! Get money Ghost!" a dark voice hollers on the hook. We get a taste of a looped drum beat and flutes throughout the song as Raekwon, U-God and Ghost reminise on their experience in the streets.

The Prayer - Ox sings, well prays to the Lord. Enough said. His voice isn't that favorable to me, honestly.

I'll Die For You - I love, love, love this song. Incredible! Ghost basically speaks about who he will and won't die for on this piano and strings-laced song. He rides the beat very nicely. My fav line..."I'll die for the prophets and I'll die for the Lord on the battlefield wounded badly holding the sword..." "For Martin Luther and my brother Malcolm (I'll die for you)....awesome song! Ghost did his thing on here for anyone who doubted his depth. He then asks, "God you want revenge on that devil Satan? We can do it now instead of waitin'. We don't have to wait for Revelations..." Wow.

Paisley Darts - Ghost knows how to flow over a beat. He doesn't spare a second as he flows as soon as the song comes in. There is another old sample here and although this isn't one of my favorites, I haven't really skipped this one either. Method & Cappadonna are featured here as well. Method's voice is suited well on this one.

Shakey Dog - Another old-school beat with cymbals and a horn. Ghost tells a story here and also features Raekwon and Lolita. But this is in no comparison to the "Shakey Dog" on Fishscales.

Killah Lipstick - I cannot recall the sample on this track but the original song was featured on "Next Friday" the movie. Ghosts' classic delivery flows nicely over the beat as he tells the story of a modern day prima donna who is beautiful yet dangerous, powerful, and rich. Method Man says in that familiar tone, "...she killin' the game cause she the bizness...killah lipstick, ka ka killah."

Slow Down - Chrisette Michelle's while not as captivating on her own songs sings effortlessly, "this life will fade away, so I'd appreciate each moment of each day, life's quick, don't flip, move slow, ur rushin' it". The beat moves quickly until Chrisette's voice pours in and then it slows down cleverly as the song suggests "slow down". A great closer to the album.

Overall, I felt this album is a classic record. Ghosts' classic delivery of his stories never fails me and the music on the album alone is outstanding. Great job! :)

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