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Monday, September 28, 2009

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - Mariah Carey

(((Rating: 4)))

Bangers: Betcha Gon Know, H.A.T.E.U., Candy Bling, The Impossible, Angels Cry

No introduction needed as Mariah Carey stands on her own and has since she first debuted. The album is likened to reading MC's diary entries or having a very personal conversation with her. Nevertheless, enjoy my review.

Betcha Gon' Know - "Welcome to a day of my life...the memoirs of an imperfect angel"...he first song on the album properly introduces the theme of the album as MC explores pain, love lost and love found. She sings to a dark drum beat and piano melodies behind a simple rhythm.

Obsessed - The lead single from the album stands along on its own merit. It may not be the most ground-breaking effort but it packs thump and clever lyrics, allegedly targeted towards rapper Eminem. "You're delusional boy you're losing your mind..." and the most sing-songy hook "Why you so obsessed with me"?

H.A.T.E.U. - Fairytale, airy vocals grace the songs' intro as a piano loop play over MC. "Why is it so hard to say goodbye?"...Anyone who has ever had to let go of a lost love or been heartbroken could easily relate to "Having A Typical Emotional Upset". It's like reading a letter never sent to an old lover as she tries to really free herself from his firm hold on her heart. Don't we all hate wayward loves? Repeat only as needed. Sigh...

Candy Bling - "I still remember, that hazy September..." MC sings as sweetly as the songs' title as she reminisces on a love long expired over a sweeter snap beat. Mariah sings, "Back in the day we were in love, but we're not in love anymore", am borrowed melody from 90's rapper Ahmad in "Back in da Day". YES! Repeat.

Ribbon - "You got me wrapped up, locked up, ribbon with a bow on it..." Heavy hitting beat with MC's signature soft vocals and reminiscent lyrics make this song one to remember with Dreams' all too familiar Radio Killa production.

Inseparable - "Baby call my phone, I'll be waiting to hear ur ringtone..." A cute song in which MC recalls how inseparable her lost love used to be. High notes and powerful notes. Very nice song. "One of us just gotta pick the phone up..." YES!

Standing O - "Your kisses told me oh so many lies..." Nice dramatic effects and piano loops, and hooks. MC shares another heartbreak story about someones misleading touches, kisses and words. "Cheers, toast, bravo, cause ur the man of the's your standing O(vation) ..."! Not a fav but not skippable.

It's A Wrap - Cleverly entrancing with high hitting notes and old 90's girl group harmonies, MC definitely sets the stage for a love story that goes, unfortunately wrong, again. MC sings this song like nobody's business and makes no mistake in telling him, "It's a wrap"! YES!

Up Out My Face - "It's not chipped, we're not cracked, ohhh we're shattered..." I have little to say about this one besides MC has really broken out of this perfect facade on this album. A perfect tune to empower women who have finally broken from a less than ideal situation. Repeat. "When I break, I break, up out my face boy..."

Up Out My Face (Reprise) - A marching band rendition interlude to the previous song. Skip.

More Than Just Friends - This song is definitely the song you'd want to play if you're trying to move into a romantic zone with a friend but in a subtle, dance track way. Cute but forgettable.

The Impossible - Bedroom song #1, a tribal beat and soft guitar loop with hand claps. "You did the impossible..." Very nice love song with school girl lyrics and charming comparisons. "Love ya like shooting stars, love ya like a muscle did the impossible." Close the bedroom door and repeat as needed. Very intimate song.

The Impossible (The Reprise) - Instrumental, soft vocals and auto-tune. Very seductive. "Love ya like a freeze pop..." Nice.

Angel (Prelude) - MC hits some very interesting high melodies in this prelude to one of the most powerful songs on the album.

Angels Cry - MC sings in what I consider the most sincere tone I've heard on the album. Beautiful harmonies and very honest lyrics, lace the simple melody and piano driven track. Gorgeous! "Lightning don't strike the same place, when you and I said goodbye, I felt the angels cry..." Repeat if you can handle it. I feel like I'm peering into her diary.

Languishing (The Interlude) - Very dark, ghostly, almost with beautiful lyrics and MC singing in her lower register.

I Want To Know What Love Is - A remake of Foreigners song, powerfully sang by MC in higher registers and notes only dogs could hear. Unbelievable!!

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