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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lady Love - LeToya Luckett

(((Rating: 3)))

Bangers: Lazy, Good to Me, Regret, Take Away Love, After Party, Tears

Letoya Luckett, back with her sophmore album Lady Love, reveals a more personal and sincere experience from bass-heavy thumping beats to extremely laid-back synths and playful hooks. Will we fall in love with this lady?

Lady Love - Heavy pop synths and charming vocals instantly boasts a certain playfulness. "Come here baby, hop in my Mercedes", she sings in a teasing way. Nice club banger.

She Aint Got - "Swing batter, batter, batter"! Very rock-n-roll influenced with heavy drums and synths makes this one fun and sexy as Letoya inquires about who's stealing her man. Nice 2nd single choice and dance number.

Not Anymore - While this is a mediocre RnB song, Letoyas' vocals and lyrics are very honest and sincere about encouraging women who are in less than great relationships to say "I don't want it anymore". Good first single to let her fan base know she's back and it leaves us longing for more.

Lazy - A nice mellow rhythm and catchy melodies makes this song quite enjoyable. Heavy drumming and layered vocals sing, "u gotta forgive me I know it might sound crazy but right now my hearts a little lazy...I don't feel like loving you no more". Nice!

Good to Me - Sensual. Laid-back. Dedicated to the "good man" as Letoya states in the song as she asks him, "just be goooood to me, cuz I don't think I'm asking too much". A nice piano loop plays in the background. Nice ode to any good man out there.

Over - Very nice simple RnB song about quitting a relationship based upon "what if's" and how she would leave him and it would be "overrrr".

Regret - Ludracis is featured here and a very welcome addition as well. "I made u cool, you wasn't that dude, until I started fuuucking with u" Letoya croons on top of an Underdogs/Tank produced melody of snap-beats, a piano, and low synths. "You must regret the day that u left me." YES! Repeat.

I Need A U - We see Letoya in a way we haven't seen her before. Very sexual and slow. Very nice bedroom song. " I need a u."

Take Away Love - Easily a favorite track here with a feature from Estelle. Very synth and drum-driven with a very mellow, ride out, slow trance sound. "If I take away love, if I take away us...would that be enough?" Repeat. Ryan Leslie shows his ass on this one.

After Party - Definitely a dance track as we see Letoya take a much needed and very welcomed direction as a whole on this song. This makes me want to get up out of my seat! "Keep it movin' to the after party...." YES!

Drained - Very upbeat song about heartbreak and breaking a relationship and being drained in it. Forgettable.

Tears - This sounds very Brandy-ish circa Afrodisiac. "When you find the right spot and take control...I want more and more and more." Very nice bedroom song.

Matter - Toya compares herself to her love interests' current woman that she plans to try and replace, of course. Another "She Don't". While the beat and melodies are nice, the song is a bit mediocre.

Love Rollercoaster - This one features rapper Mims, who is certainly very forgettable with his elementary rhymes on the track. Another mediocre R&B song about playing love games.

Don't Need U - Definitely a good anthem for women who have realized their worth and is now realizing that they no longer need a loser boyfriend.


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