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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In A Perfect World... - Keri Hilson

(((Rating: 2)))

Bangers: Turnin' Me On, Knock You Down, Slow Dance, Make Love, Energy

Keri Hilson has been on her grind for a while, being that she has written numerous tracks for big name stars like Beyonce, Ciara and Pussycat Dolls, just to name a few. Her highly-anticipated album has finally been released, after waiting a little over a year and having most of the albums tracks leaked. Is this a perfect album? ...

Intro - Very Timbaland-ish and a little predictable as Keri sings in her high pitched airy tone. The beat bumps kinda hard but it's nothing special here. "Oooh we bout to get it poppin..."

Turnin' Me On -Hard-hitting and seriously bass-heavy as Keri comes in swaggerifficly (if that's a word), "Fly as hell, swagger right, Brown skin...". This is surely a club hit. "Dime diva's give it to me!" Lil' Wayne makes an appearance here as well but it's nothing spectacular.

Get Your Money Up - While this song seems that it was set to be a woman's anthem for independence and instructions for men to get right, it slightly misses the mark for me. Keyshia Cole also sings here as well as Trina and her "baddest chick" persona. Pass.

Return The Favor - Sexy and definitely a mix of Timbaland's work. The beat has a nice change of pace during the hook but it's the type of track you could tire of. Good try.

Knock You Down - Steady beat and synths. Kanye Wests' lyrical charm. Keri rides the beat very well with lovely melodies. Ne-Yo's voice is also very smooth and a welcome surprise. Repeat. "Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down, just get back up. when it knocks ya down..." Well produced Danja! :)

Slow Dance - "Come here baby. Sometimes I just wanna dance witchu..." Sultry and sexy. High synths and a slow grinding beat. Repeat.

Make Love - Easily the best song on the album. This song puts you in the mind of Alicia Keys "Like You'll Never See Me Again" trance type of synths and intro. "I'm gonna wait on you hand and foot, like the king you are baby..." Definitely repeat. Keri's voice is absolutely beautiful and effortless as she shows off her skills, which has otherwise been hidden beneath over-active tracks.

Intuition - Sigh. This is where we wish Timbaland/Danja hadn't reused beats on such interesting lyrics. Keri's lyrics are backed by what sounds like a looped Indian flute while she sings, "I got this crazy feeling, I'm gon' be single again...I know you gon' mess up." Ok Keri.

How Does It Feel - Another Timbaland production. Horns. Banging beat. While the song gets you hype, it's a bit forgettable. "You can keep on feeling yaself, Imma be with somebody else..."! May wanna give it a second listen. The hook is truly the best part of the song.

Alienated - A bit reminiscent of a Janet Jackson song. Nevertheless a bit forgettable. Heavy synths once again and an over-active track filled with random sound effects. "Can't get you outta my system."

Tell Him The Truth - "If you thought that I was perfect boy, you were wrong..." Slow, sensual beat with snaps and random synths. Nice song.

Change Me - This beat is honestly hot, but overall the song in itself is just too much. Vocals everywhere throughout the song. However, "Miss Keri, baby" sings her ass off in this song surprisingly. Akon is featured here and this is when the song should be cut off.

Energy - Nice mid-tempo track and Keri's first single produced by The Runaways and very well done. Definitely one of the best simply because it's different from the rest of the album. Wonderful lyrics as well. Repeat. "I wish I could rip out a page of my memory, cause I put to much energy in him and me...".

Where Did He Go - Another recycled beat by Timbaland/Danja. "Can you tell me where did he go?" Perhaps they are speaking on a certain fellow called "creativity".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blow Your Mind - Rico Law - 10 Questions

I remember first hearing Rico Law's song "Blow Your Mind" in the car and being literally blown away by his smooth yet refreshing voice and seductive, mellow lyrics. He is undeniably sexy and very talented. I have probably listened to this song over 30 times already. I'm absolutely honored that he has allowed me to pick his brain, so as he says, "let's get it"!

SincerelyMusic: Ok, first question! Give me 5 words to describe yourself.

Rico Law: Confident, Smooth, Edgy, Blunt, Lover

SM: Ok, now 5 words to describe your music.

RL: Exciting, Stimulating, Sexual, Swag, Uplifting.

SM: I agree. So what's the theme of your album?

RL: I'm currently just working on making good music. I really haven't come up with a final theme for the album yet.

SM: What was the inspiration in creating "Blow Your Mind"?

RL: The inspiration for "Blow Your Mind" came in the studio like, "Damn I can't wait 'til we become wealthy." We were talking about all the things we wanted to do like invest, travel and take our girl's with us and "BLOW THEIR MINDS" lol.

SM: I can see that. lol. What do you envision when you hear the song?

RL: I envision Dubai when I listen to the song.. That's the first exotic vacation I'll be taking.

SM: Wow, that sounds pretty interesting and Dubai is beautiful. So, what time of day are you most creative?

RL: Me, personally, I like to create at night."THE FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT" is what they say right? lol

SM: Haha! We learned something new about Mr. Law! What do you do when you get random spurts of inspiration for songs?

RL: Whenever I get a random idea for a song, I just record it. If I'm not at the studio, I jot it down in my iPhone.

SM: What's your next single and when can we expect to hear it?

RL: I haven't really decided what my next single will be. Me and my staff will make that decision soon after "Blow Your Mind" gets to the level it needs to be.

SM: Good, I'm sure it will definitely go far. I truly love the song. Are you currently working with any other artists?

RL: Yes, right now we (The Council) have a single being pushed on a Jive/Hitz Committee artist named K. Michelle called "Self Made" Ft. Trina. We also have two joints on Fabolous' album coming out this year and One on Sharefa's as well.

SM: Wow, very impressive! Good luck! So finally how can any followers, fans, groupies lol, keep up with you?

RL: Anybody interested into stepping into The World Of Rico Law can check me out at or follow me on twitter at and facebook !

Thank You to Rico Law!!! Keep the jams coming! :)

To Download Rico Law's song "Blow Your Mind" click here:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love vs. Money - The Dream

(((Rating: 3)))

Bangers: Rockin' That Shit, Walkin On The Moon, My Love, Love vs Money Pt 2, Fancy

The Dream has put us in a consistent trance with not only the multitude of songs he has produced and penned but with his own off-the-cuff music and extremely catchy hooks from his debut album, Love vs. Hate. He is now back with his second installment Love vs. Money. Who will win?

Money Intro - Sounds of a bill pressing machine.

Rockin' That Shit - The horn-like synths and rhythm of this song makes for an instant club banger. "There's nothing left to say cause she rockin' that shit like..." The snap beat towards the bridge is what makes this song even more incredible. Excellent first single material for Dream.

Walkin' On The Moon - "Welcome 2085..." This track certainly catches you by surprise as Dream states, as the trance beats come prancing in and slows during the latter part of his verses. It was a natural choice to feature Kanye's clever and ingenious rap here as well.

My Love - "Radio Killa...I'm her baby, she my shorty, ooo we rockin"! This song, upon first listen put me in the mind of an old Mariah song, so what better decision than to have her sing on it. Mariah glides easily over the music in her usual laid-backness, if that's a word. A fav.

Put It Down - The second installment of Dream's first hit "Falsetto" but more so suited as an excotic dance song. Also, very reminiscent of an R. Kelly track. "He put it down, put it down, put it down..."!

Sweat It Out - "Call LaTisha, your beautician. Cause ur hair is gon' need fixin'..." While Dream's lyrics are sometimes comedic, there is nothing funny about the sexual beating he put on this song. "I told you once we finish, I'm gon' get your shit fixed..." Wow.

Take You Home 2 My Mama - "I'm tryna get a 10 or u betta be the shit..." This song is skippable as he narrarates his trip to the club and gets enthralled with a girl dropping it to the floor hence why he waits to take her home to his mama.

Love vs Money - Gun cocks. Fast synths and drama. "Anything she wanted, I bought it...Instead of loving you, I was making it rain." Dream manipulates his voice and the beat with undeniable skill. Interesting song.

Love vs Money Pt 2 - The beat sounds like he turned the previous song inside out and added an ATL snap beat to it. We feel more of his confliction as he sings, "You can't say that I really didn't love ya, there's a new Louis bag for everytime I touched ya..." and "When love is your problem, nothing can solve it..."!

Fancy - Undeniably the best song on the entire album and possibly in Dreams' repetoire thus far. He sings simply on the women who are enticed by jewels and money and the fancy life. "She wants to live fancy...", he sings as a looped piano track plays behind him. The track finally builds into something as it ends and Dream sings/raps faster. A true spark of genius here.

Right Side of My Brain - Dreams sings with the vulnerability of a torn, broken and confused lover as he spews, "you love me baby, then you unlove me baby...". Interesting concept and music here although not completely original.

Mr. Yeah - "R&B Gorilla....Dream don' put it down, again..." he sings comedicly aroggant. Slightly catchy but not really a fav.

Kellys 12 Play - "I'm lookin' for the white cover, the name's in red letters. Can't wait to pop it in my place and put our bodies together." Leave it to no one but Dream to make a song about a song but cleverly he pulls it off.

Let Me See The Booty (Bonus) - ATL snap beat. Lil Jon. Slightly catchy. Need I say more?

Round 2 - J. Holiday

(((Rating: 3.5)))

I Tried, Fall, Make That Sound, Sing 2 U

When J. Holiday first stepped on the scene he put us all to Bed (you saw that coming huh) but in a good way. Be With Me his first single wasn't a hit on every R&B radio station but it was extremely catchy. Now, that he is back in the game with Round 2, I will explore if he is in it to win it or TKO'd! Let's get ready to rumbbbllllleeee...

Intro - J. sings a medley and reminds us of all his hits on his previous album.

It's Yours - Very reminiscent and produced by the same producers of Lloyd's "Please Have My Baby", this song lacks in originality but isn't all that skippable either.

Fall - I'm sure plenty of people can relate to the lyrics of falling for someone they hadn't originally planned on loving. "She was s'posed to be another game to play...she made me fall, fall, fall..." The melody of the piano laced throughout the background makes this song easily enjoyable.

Don't Go - It begins a bit cheesy with corny synths and a familiar drumbeat, however I was still curious to see what he would sing as J.'s voice chimes in. He pleads with his lover, "don't go..."!

Wrong Lover - This song certainly puts me in the mind of Jaheim with its very laid-back rhythm and feel. This is definitely riding music and Rick Ross's sultry swag is certainly welcome on the track.

Run Into My Arms - The song while very relaxing is skippable. Holiday's voice doesn't come across very convincing here as he pleads to be "her knight in shining armour". Moreso, just another filler track.

Sing 2 U - Jodeci. H-Town. Holiday gives a cutty track worth adding to your next bedroom mixtape. The slinky beat and his vocals mix perfectly here which makes it easily a favorite. Repeat.

Lights Go Out - It seems Holiday excels in the romantic arena of music. "Wait until the lights go out..." His falsetto here is unmistakably seductive.

Make That Sound - "You can call me Holiday..." Once again he continues to inspire the lovemaking here and tells his lover, "you can yell as loud as you want, when you make that sound girl...". Turn up the radio.

Forever Aint Enough - Holiday sings with frailty in his voice as he reaches higher notes lead by a dainty piano. As we continue, the beat grows to be more dramatic with strings and drums and we hear stronger notes. While not a favorite, his effort is definitely commendable. Well-produced.

Fly - Light synths and airy drums in the verses make this a very interesting song as its speeds up a bit near the chorus. "so fly, fly, fly..."

Homeless - While certainly beautiful in concept and theme as he explores homelessness and the selfishness of humanity, the music here shines thru a bit brighter with an electric guitar and catchy rhythm. "Imagine if it was you..."

I Tried - Electric guitar and kick drums has you wondering why he would save this one for last and not as an intro. "Girl I tried...but it wasn't enough for you..." He saved the best for last.